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Protecting our Kids's Eyes when it matters

We know that whenever we are in the sunlight, we are exposed to UV light which damages the eyes. 

However, several studies have shown that significant UV exposure and potential damage to eyes occurs in the mornings and afternoons at school drop-off, pick-up and sports/activity times. It’s not just the middle of the day when damage can be done.

In fact, the peak time for UV damage occurs between 8 and 10 am – the same time as our children are heading to and arriving at school. The other peak time is between 2 and 4 pm for most of the year, because of the angle of the sun in relation to the eye at those times. This is the time our kids are leaving school, travelling home and playing afterschool sports. 

It’s only important on days that are clear and sunny, when we feel the glare in our eyes, right? 

No, our eyes are exposed to UV all the time, even on overcast days when we don’t feel the glare. In fact, there are reports that a greater portion of some kinds of UV reaches the eye from scattered sunlight from clouds and light reflected from the ground. 

In other words, there’s damage occurring on overcast days too, and we need to protect our eyes and our kids’ eyes every morning and afternoon.

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