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Children’s Sunglasses with UV Protection – Critical for Australian Kids

Children’s Sunglasses with UV Protection Australia

If you’re a parent with active, sun-loving kids, you know the importance of Slip Slop Slap to protect them from the sun.

You slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat to guard their young skin from harsh UV rays that can be so damaging in hot, sunny countries like Australia.

But do you think about protecting their eyes?

The Importance of Children’s Sunglasses with UV Protection

UV light can have a devastating effect on children’s eyes – adults too – but your kids’ eyes have not yet fully developed their natural defences.

This means UV light can more easily penetrate their young eyes, potentially leading to serious eye diseases. In some cases ultraviolet light damage has been known to cause vision loss and even blindness.

Investing in quality children’s sunglasses with UV protection means you are greatly decreasing the possibility of sun damage to your children’s eyes.

How Do I Know Which Sunglasses Give the Best Protection Against UV?

Various sunglasses manufacturers make claims that their sunglasses offer adequate protection against UV rays. So how can you tell which sunglasses will truly protect your child?

Our best advice? Listen to eye experts, not sunglass manufacturers.

Ophthalmologists are uniquely placed to make recommendations about sunglasses technology.


Because we are in clinic every day, closely examining eyes and seeing first-hand the damage caused by the sun’s rays. Often this is despite our patients making considerable effort to find what they believe are quality protective eyewear.

Recommendations for Eyewear Safety from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

RANZCO specify the following features in the highest quality protective eyewear:

Quality sunglasses:

  • are rated Category 3 of the Australian Standards for UV protection;
  • have a wraparound frame, designed to minimise unfiltered side light entering the eye;
  • have lenses with UV 400 protection;
  • have lens coatings to block reflected light from entering the eye; and
  • have polarised lenses.

Optoshield Technology – The Essential Difference

Optoshield® technology, only found in Beamers sunglasses, incorporates all the above
features recommended by Ranzco.

Our sunglasses block light that usually gets in from above, underneath and the sides of standard sunglasses.

As eye surgeons, we can attest to the damage inflicted by UV light. It can lead to serious eye diseases including cataract, pterygium and eyelid cancers.

We conducted a study in 2006 that showed alarmingly high incidences of UV damage in our large group of Aussie kids, and it truly frightened us as mums and as Ophthalmologists.

That’s what drove us to design Beamers sunglasses.

Buy Children’s Sunglasses with UV Protection

Our mission at Beamers is to shield all kids’ eyes from UV damage, and help prevent
significant eye diseases in the future.

We can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your kids’ eyes from the sun. Even though we are at the height of summer right now, no matter what the season, it’s never too late!

Shield your kids against sun damage to their eyesight. Order your Beamers sunglasses here today.