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Why we need to protect young eyes from the sun

Kids spend a lot of time outdoors but they have not developed their natural eye defences. This means that kids eyes allow up to 70% more UV light through their eyes than adults. UV damage can cause serious eye diseases like cancer in the eye or eyelids, cataracts and age related macular degeneration. Prevent UV related eye disease in our kids by protecting their eyes with a quality pair of kids sunglasses, the same way we protect their skin with maximum protection sunblock. 
As seen on 7News Australia, all Beamers sunglasses have Optoshield ® Technology for maximum UV protection so babies, toddlers, big kids and adults are safe from the harsh rays of the sun.      

Beamers Optoshield® Technology includes:

1. Wraparound frame design to prevent unfiltered side light from entering the eye.

2. Lenses with UV 400 protection filter out UVA and UVB damaging rays.

3. Lenses with coatings that do not allow unfiltered light to reflect back into the eye.

4. Lenses that filter out polarised light.

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