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COVID-19 and the Eye

What a strange time we have landed ourselves in! More like a science fiction novel or movie than real life.
In Australia we have partial lock downs including landmarks like Bondi Beach, measures unheard of and unprecedented.
Now that many members of our community have been encouraged to work from home, including school and university kids, we will need a way to cohabitate and survive, without going crazy or infecting our loved ones.
Today I will update you on what is happening with regards to COVID-19 and the eye. We know that the virus can be secreted from the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth, but it has also been isolated in tears. In fact the first Chinese doctors to alert the world of the outbreak where ophthalmologists, unfortunately some of them subsequently died from the infection themselves.
So with this in mind, lets brainstorm about what can be done:
  • Wash your hands after touching or rubbing your eyes.
  • Avoid touching other people’s eyes.
  • Do not share glasses/ sunglasses.
  • Never share contact lenses, including the novelty ones that make your eyes a different colour.
  • Do not use each other’s eye drops and try to administer your own eye drops with hand washing before and afterwards.
Stay in your own small family units and enjoy each other’s company. We have been playing a lot of cards and building puzzles as well as doing regular exercise until we become accustomed to the “new normal” way of life.
Keep Well,
Dr Alina Zeldovich