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4 Features of Highly Protective Sunglasses for Australians

protective sunglasses for Australians

In Australia, we are known for our sunshine and our sunny, hot summers. It’s a gorgeous recipe for beach fun and BBQs, but what is the hot Aussie sun doing to our eye health?

It’s not good news.

The intense rays of the Australian sun are known to cause:

The Best Protective Sunglasses for Australians

As Ophthalmologists, we often have patients come into clinic with inadequate eyewear.

Most sunglasses are not designed to protect against the harmful UV rays in the Australian climate. Even if your sunglasses have good protective lenses, if they do not have all of the four important features below, chances are they are actually doing you more harm than good.

4 Features of Top Sunglasses to Protect Against UV Rays

The best protective sunglasses for Australians absolutely must include:

  1. Wraparound fit to prevent side light and reflective light from hitting your eyes.
  2. Polarised lenses to filter out any reflected light.
  3. Back coated lenses so that any unfiltered light that does get in through the side is allowed to pass out instead of bouncing back into your pupil.
  4. Category 3 lenses with UV400, which filters out damaging UVA and UVB rays.


Which Sunglasses Have These 4 Features?

Only Beamers sunglasses combine all these protective features into one high-quality product. We designed our sunglasses with Optoshield™ technology, which means they are built with all 4 essential considerations in mind.

Beamers offer protective sunglasses for Australians with sizes to fit kids age 1 right through to adulthood. Shop here for your perfect pair of protective sunnies.