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The Beamers Vision

We are aiming, in the first instance to protect the eyes of preschool and primary aged children. We are introducing Beamers into schools and Childcare centres.

In some schools and childcare centres, Beamers are a part of the school uniform incorporating the message of "No hat, No sunglasses, NO play".

We are able to provide Beamers to your school in a range of colours and sizes to match your school’s uniform. If you would like your school to be at the forefront in this next phase of UV protection please complete the attached form. We will be in touch shortly and would be delighted to work with you to make the transition to eye protection for your school’s children as smooth as possible.

At present, Beamers Technology is only available to schools. If you are an interested parent, please leave the contact details of your child’s school and we will approach them on your behalf.